What the heck is a Cheesy Western?

An introduction to the most famous sandwich in Lynchburg, VA.

No, we’re not talking about Blazing Saddles. A Cheesy, or a Cheesy Western, has been the most popular sandwich at the Texas Inn since we were founded in 1935.

A Texas Inn Cheesy Western starts with a 3 oz. hand-formed patty of ground beef with a fresh Grade A medium-size egg whisked 10 to 15 times and fried sunny side up like an omelet. The patty is placed on top and the egg/burger combo is flipped to finish cooking and placed on a bun, topped with cheese, relish, and onion.

Often imitated but never duplicated, the signature ingredient of our famous sandwich has always been our yellow relish, a sweet and tangy mustard-based slaw that’s similar to a Southern-style chow-chow. Sure, lots of folks put eggs on hamburgers these days, but a Cheesy Western isn’t a Cheesy Western without our famous golden relish. You can order it plain, which we wouldn’t recommend. You can order a “Western With” which means we put relish on it, or you can get it “All The Way” with both relish and onion. Trust us — you want to order everything at the Texas Inn #AllTheWay.

The Western sandwich was invented by Issac T “Nick” Bullington in 1929 when he founded the Texas Tavern in Roanoke, Virginia. In 1971, the Lynchburg Texas Tavern changed locations and ownership and the “Cheesy” was born.

The Texas Inn sells more than 500,000 Cheesy Westerns every year and they have been shipped through our Goldbelly delivery service to 48 out of 50 states.

You’ve never had anything like it and we are 99.7% sure you are going to love it.